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Marc David Johnson

Playing With Clay

I have modified my Hercules DJ Control MP3 E2, which I use as an added input device to control my FlexRadio Systems Flex 3000, to spin more smoothly and have a bit "heavier" feel by adding some children's modeling clay.

This mod was done by Ray on the Flex PowerSDR-UI group and he has a great video of what he did here.

I didn't go as far as he did by modifying the knobs (clipping the plastic tabs) or by filling the entire knob (I just filled the outside ring for the added weight on the outside of the knob).

The back of the Hercules before starting.

Back of Hercules

Hercules once opended

Back of Hercules

The clip to remove from each knob (use a pair of pliers and be careful - they will fly across the room if not careful).

Back of Hercules

The knobs filled on the outside ring with Plasticine 150g One Colour Slab (Assorted Colours).

Back of Hercules

Before reassembly, I greased each spindle with Quantum Fishing Hot Sauce Fishing Reel and Tool Grease.

Back of Hercules

And here it is put back together. Has a bit smoother feel to the knobs - turn faster if spun - and a much "heavier" feel to them. A quick (less than 30 minutes start to finish) and easy project with good results.

Back of Hercules

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